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What We Deserve-

Exploring Our Views On

Power & Pleasure in Relationships



As WOC, we are raised to be givers and rarely taught the beauty in pleasure for ourselves.  If we were lucky, someone took the time to explain the positive aspects of sexual and emotional intimacy to us.  More likely though, we were told to keep our legs closed, stay away from boys, not to touch ourselves, save our virginity until marriage (or at least until college) get the picture.    


Our “education” on the subject possibly came from sexual trauma/abuse, sex education (a total joke), a forbidden book at the library focused more on anatomy than the juicy details, ill-advised friends or siblings, media/porn, tidbits of salacious or bitter conversations from the more experienced women in our lives, or any horrid combo of these.  


As adults, we engage in intimate experiences and may not feel comfortable discussing our needs before laying down only to feel cheated later. Speaking up wasn’t something we were taught to do or even believe we are entitled to do. We may even feel that our partners' needs are more important than our own. This can lead to years of confusion, regret, resentment, illness, and inadequacy.


With the intentionally inflicted shame attached to sexual intimacy, there is no wonder we stay silent about our needs and wants.



What To Expect from

What We Deserve-Exploring Our Views on Pleasure & Power in Relationships


In this interactive, intimate, and FUN 4-hour workshop we will shatter the silence and shame around sexual and emotional intimacy.  We will FINALLY discuss and redefine OUR pleasure (YAAYY!). Since I’m a trauma therapist, it’s imperative to explore the factors that prevent us from striking the delicate balance between power and vulnerability.  To wrap up, we will honor our womb space with a meditation and purification exercise to start fresh in our renewed journey with intimacy.


Sounds exciting right?!  I believe in women and especially women of color.  It’s time we rewrite this outdated mythology. It’s time we have these discussions about our bodies and our intimate needs in a safe and nonjudgmental space.  It’s time we reclaim our power and show up in our relationships with a clear sense of who we are and what we need.  If this sounds like something you could benefit from, don't overthink it, come through and bring a friend! I hope to see you at a What We Deserve workshop soon! 

What We Deserve Workshop


Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash
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