Honoring Our Truth

If avoidance were a superpower, many of us would be in a league! We’re great at evading the emotions that are following us around, keeping us up at night and eating us alive. Only you know what “truth” you are avoiding and the possibilities are endless. For the sake of this blog, I’ll keep it to three and leave it up to you to determine which ones need your attention. Your truth may be connected to your PAIN, PURPOSE, POTENTIAL or combination of the three. Although we claim to want happiness and peace, until we are able to discover, honor, and heal the truth hidden within these themes in our lives we will always live a lesser version of who we could be.

Pain is self-explanatory, yet the root may run deeper and farther back than we recognize. If we are fortunate, as children our pain is recognized and honored. Some of us have developed healthy attachments to others because we were given a safe space to hurt, feel, and heal. For most of us, our pain was brushed aside and this pattern carried on throughout our adult lives. When we face devastating experiences as adults (death, illness, heartbreak, betrayal), we don’t have the tools or capacity to handle these emotions. We also don’t feel the need to make space for our feelings because it was never a “thing” we did.

Purpose can be tricky because some of us live a lifetime without narrowing down what truly matters to us. We may place a high value on our work ethic, character and reputation, yet fail to consider if our legacy is connected to our standards or someone else’s. If you’ve ever felt a deep sense of resentment towards your life and what’s expected of you, this may be the case. Failing to acknowledge our unhappiness does nothing to improve our outlook or change our lives for the better. Do what's best for you despite how other's feel about it. For those of us living our purpose, it is important to occasionally check in with our progress. As long as we live, there is always room for improvement and growth.

Potential may be harder to recognize, especially in ourselves. We have a gift for seeing the best in others and may struggle with acknowledging our own capabilities. Honoring this beauty and talent in ourselves may require external validation. Some of us are masters of self-motivation, yet fall prey to procrastination, self-doubt, indignation, and fear. Whether we are the type to start projects that we never finish or plan projects that we never start, honoring the truth of our potential is vital to our success. Taking baby steps is better than nothing and finishing a project is a better feeling than sitting on a plan until the perfect time.

The Bronze Bastet is all about healing and reclaiming personal power! In order to take these courageous steps in our lives, facing our truth is a necessary skill. Taking a strong look at what hurts us, our unique gifts, and our untapped potential give us insight into our truth. Once we are ready to examine these themes and take active steps towards feeling, healing and dealing we can experience a new, healthier & happier version of our current reality. Only we can decide when to step up as women into the lives we deserve! Have a fabulous weekend and do something to surprise yourself in the coming days ahead!

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