Knowing Our Triggers Isn't Enough

Ask any WOC and we all have OUR definition of what healing looks like. Truth is, it can be different for us based on our tolerance, reaction, and support system. What healing is not is avoidance. Our emotional triggers deserve our awareness, acknowledgment, and unique plans of action to create changes in our patterns. So what is an emotional trigger? According to Be The Change Consulting, “an emotional trigger is a response to a person, situation, event, dialogue, reading, film, or other content providing entity, that provokes a strong emotional reaction.”

Many of us may know what our triggers are. We may even know their roots. The issue comes in when we actively avoid doing anything about the responses they create. We often avoid our triggers because they require work! The act of a triggering event has the potential to cause anger, uncomfortable conversations, confrontations with self and others, and tears to name a few. Who has time for that?! We should if we are serious about healing from an entrenched pattern. Most of our emotional triggers emerge in childhood and are fed a steady diet of traumatic prompts throughout our adult lives. Any time we feel that sting of uneasiness when we are challenged, disrespected, angered, saddened, or any of the other less favorable emotions and push it away, we are missing an opportunity to heal.

Our superhuman ability to suppress our emotions may seem helpful at the moment, but our pain only settles to the bottom. Inevitably, what we avoid will be awakened when we least expect it and we will be forced to deal. It would benefit us to turn our triggers into tools of empowerment every time they occur. The ACDC method created by Tracy Kennedy gives concrete steps to transforming our triggers (i.e. emotions) (Check out her blog post HERE):

“Acknowledge & Honor The Emotion”

We can feel a trigger without allowing the trigger to overcome us or our lives.

“Consider The Positive Intention of The Emotion”

Taking a moment to see what the trigger is trying to teach us and how we can grow from it.

“Double Check Your Story”

Are we reacting from a justifiable place once we take a step away from the emotional sting of the trigger?

“Choose Your Action”

Choosing a reaction that is conducive to the situation and honors who we are as women.

I’m a firm believer that although we are not responsible for what happened to us, we are 100% responsible for our healing. Try as we might, we can’t avoid the story that lives within us or the triggers that awaken memories. Emotional triggers WILL happen as long as we live for a variety of reasons. Instead of sticking our heads in the sand, let’s work on staying present in our body and using the ACDC method when something feels off about an experience. There is always a root tied to our feelings and we have the power to change the outcome. Have a wonderful weekend!

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