Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Every season marks a new beginning, but there is something special about spring! The time changes, the weather improves, we thaw out from the harshness of winter. Spring is a great time to refresh our homes clearing out what we no longer need for the warmer months ahead or shedding what no longer serves us. With everyone on the Marie Kondo train, decluttering our life has taken a narrow focus on the items around us. Kondo’s two-step approach to deciding what stays and what goes asks us to consider our belongings one by one and ask if they bring us joy. If they do, we should put these things in a place where they are visible and accessible. If a belonging does not bring us joy, we should discard it...no questions asked, no looking it over trying to make space for it...just let it go! As we gear up for this time of renewal, let’s dust off our souls and spirits as well. What are we holding on to in this time of change that is no longer bringing us joy?

Decluttering our homes can be a difficult task with the heavy demands of our lives. With the best of intentions, we may find ourselves pushing off that trip to the clothing drop or neglecting our home improvement projects until the perfect time arises. Unfortunately, our attention to inner healing and emotional cleansing takes a backseat more often than it should. We can attend therapy, sign up for workshops, go to church, and/or do a variety of self-care activities and still neglect the needs of our souls. If this concept is hard to grasp, think about this. We can pay our bills and go to work, this does not mean our homes are in order or we always bring our A-game to our professional lives. Being honest about what aspects of our lives are hurting us emotionally and removing them is imperative to our growth and health. If it doesn’t bring us joy now, chances are it has been hurting us for some time. This can apply to a person, a job, a memory, an unresolved issue, or whatever has been creating internal clutter. So how do we heal?

Here are six tips to spring clean the soul (Click the link for a printable PDF at the bottom of the blog to help in your healing journey)... A Guide To Internal Spring Cleaning:

  1. Examine Your Thought Life- Are our thoughts supporting our mission and purpose? Are we holding on to the thought patterns of others? What thoughts are important to us?

  2. Get Rid of A Dishonoring Habit- What habits are no longer serving us? We often want honor and respect from others, but are we practicing habits that align with our desires?

  3. Plant the Garden of Your Soul With Gratitude, Positivity, & Self-Love- Focusing on gratitude, positivity, and self-love is a choice! Planting these seeds everyday despite how we feel can lead to beautiful rewards.

  4. Water What You Want To Grow In Your Life- What we focus on is what grows. Are we watering the aspects of our life that we wish to see thrive?

  5. Check-In On Your Goals & Dreams- Our goals and dreams are attainable with passion, intentional steps, and aligning with the resources that we need. It's never too late to return to a goal/dream.

  6. Visualize Success In All Areas of Your Life and Then Take The First Step- Our thoughts have power! When we visualize what we can accomplish, we are setting the wheels in motion for our success.

We don’t need to wait for a New Year to start fresh. After we finish our home spring cleaning projects, we owe it to ourselves to turn inward and clear away the clutter. It may be tempting to continue settling, but this is no different than stuffing clothes in a closet or brushing dust under the bed. The problems will still be there and we will feel resentful for failing to address our issues head-on. Facing the resistance associated with releasing our comforts may be tough, but our best self is on the other side of our comfort zone. Enjoy this season of revival and have an amazing week!

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