Do You Love Yourself?

We are on the cusp of another V-Day and you may have conflicting feelings about ole Cupid. Regardless if your love life is on an upswing or you're experiencing a drought, I challenge you to check in with self. I'll make it easy by asking you a simple question...

If someone asked you to name all of the things that you loved, how long would it take you to say your own name? Would you even make the cut?

We place heavy expectations on others to love us and fill the voids in our heart. Often the people we rely on for these hefty roles let us down. Not because they don't care or because they don't love us, but because they aren't equipped to fulfill this need.

This quote speaks of feeling loved in an empty room and before you let me have it for speaking of being alone, think about this. Our definition of "being in a relationship" often involves the presence of someone else. You don't need anyone to be in a relationship hun. You are indeed in a relationship with yourself! Make sure that it is fulfilling, exciting, passionate, and WHOLE.

Falling in love with yourself and your company comes easier to some women, but the process is worthwhile for a host of reasons:

1) You are your longest commitment and deserve ALL of your care, attention, and healing.

2) Your friendships and intimate relationships outside of yourself deserve the best version of you. The happy and whole version of you.

3) You are possibly seeking or expecting the best in a partner. Why is that not a personal requirement?

4) Happy women are healed women!

So take this V-Day to do something special and sacred to honor your relationship with self. Begin or strengthen your love affair with will be pleasantly surprised with the rewards!

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